DNA Telomere Test

SpectraCell’s DNA Telomere Test
(blood test that measures cellular aging)

What does Telomere Testing measure? dnaTelomeres are sections of genetic material at the end of each chromosome whose primary function is to prevent chromosomal “fraying” when a cell replicates. As a cell ages, its telomeres become shorter. Eventually, the telomeres become too short to allow cell replication, the cell stops dividing and will ultimately die – a normal biological process. SpectraCell’s Telomere Test can determine the length of a patient’s telomeres in relation to the patient’s age.

How are the results reported?

The Patient Telomere Score is calculated based on the patient’s average telomere length in peripheral whole blood cells. This average is then compared to telomere lengths from a population sample in the same age range as the patient to determine the patient’s percentile score.

Sample of a Telomere graph:

  • Performance 74% 74%
  • Endurance 58% 58%
  • Strength 88% 88%
  • Agility 76% 76%
  • Speed 62% 62%

How Do You Measure Up?