Dr. Steven A.R. Murphy

Dr. Steven A.R. Murphy, MD is the Managing Partner and President of the Diagnostic & Medical Specialists of Greenwich serving locations in New York, NY, and Greenwich, CT.

Dr. Murphy is a Yale trained, Board Certified Internist and bariatrician as well as an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Cell Biology & Anatomy at the New York Medical College.   He sits on the research informed cohort oversight board of Cornell’s Personalized Medicine Collaborative and Pharmacogenomics Advisory Group.

Dr. Murphy completed his internship in Medical Genetics and Pediatrics at The Mount Sinai Hospital. He served as the Chief Resident in Internal Medicine at Greenwich Hospital/Yale School of Medicine. Finally he served as the Clinical Fellow in Medical Genetics at Yale School of Medicine, leaving early to start his Personalized Primary Care and Weight Loss medicine practices.

Dr. Murphy is an avid researcher in human genetics, well versed in anti-aging medicine, obesity, metabolism, and hormone optimization, has partnered with the Greenwich DX Sports Labs and serves as our Medical Director.

Ali Gilbert, CSCS*D and CGFP-3

Ali has been committed to achieving excellence in the field of performance training for over a decade. She has become highly sought after for her unique approach to training that includes nutrition and hormone optimization in conjunction with changing body composition.

Ali found her passion in optimizing men’s health, her clientele consists of busy elite professionals who aspire to become stronger, optimize testosterone and conquer their nutrition.

She lectures nationally on various Hormonal health topics educating both the public and fellow industry professionals.

Ali holds a B.S. in exercise science from Springfield College, and holds certifications through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Level 3 Fitness Professional,NSCA as a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist FMS Certified Level II, CFSC, FRCMs. She is also featured on numerous podcasts and publications on the topic of testosterone and fitness.

Ali is available to train in Greenwich, CT or online under her personal brand Metabolic Golf (

Ali enjoys snowboarding, deadlifts & strong coffee, while residing in Greenwich, CT

She serves as Partner of the Greenwich DX Sports Labs and is our Director of Performance.

Michael Manavian

Commonly known as the Bodybuilding Golf Pro, has dedicated his life to improving performance in many arenas.  Through his aspirations of becoming a professional golfer, Michael has spent over a decade researching and implementing how to best develop champion athletes.  His passion quickly branched out from golf to include coaching champions in: bodybuilding, physique competitions, CrossFit, cycling, running, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and hockey.  By combining his vast knowledge of weight training protocols with individualized nutrition regimens, he is able to elicit the desired bio-chemical response to produce champions. His clients have won: PGA Tour events, Low Club Professional honors at the PGA Championship, PGA Section events, National Championships, achieved IFBB professional status, and won many regional and local bodybuilding and figure competitions. Michael earned his B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Professional Golf Management from Methodist University.  He turned professional in 1997 and has been a professional golf instructor and coach since.  Michael was a nationally qualified bodybuilder in the NPC. His titles include: three class wins, two best poser awards, and a runner up in the IFBB North America Championship. Utilizing his extensive athletic background, Michael was hired as a formulation consultant to a top nutraceutical company. He assisted in the development and marketing of a nootropics supplement to be used by PGA Tour professionals and various other professional athletes, looking to legally improve their focus and cognitive skills under the new WADA rules.  In spring of 2011 he returned to Fairfield County where he began working as an assistant golf professional at the Round Hill Club, in Greenwich, CT.  Michael is an instructor in the Stack and Tilt® Network and is the author of Atomic Golf.  Michael serves as partner of the Greenwich DX Sports Labs and is our Director of Golf and Performance Nutrition.